German Sausage

Lauren Brantner, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

All the years I was growing up on the farm, my father and my brothers were the sausage makers in the family. They would disappear into the basement and mix up big batches of sausage and periodically appear upstairs to test fry a patty. Then they would disappear again. Finally the sausage would be stuffed and my Mother and my sister and I would package it into freezer bags. The recipe was a SECRET! About 8 years ago we put out a family cookbook and my father gave us his recipe. My sister decided that he must be thinking he was dying to turn loose of his recipe. It shook her up when he casually handed it to her. He's still farming at age 84 and here it is:

William Brethauer's German Sausage Recipe

3/4 cup salt
1/2 cup black pepper
1/2 of a 1.25 oz. bottle of garlic powder
30 lbs. of ground pork
10 lbs of ground beef
1 cup brown sugar (optional)

The sausage needs to be mixed thoroughly to distribute the seasonings evenly. Test fry a patty to check the seasoning. When you are satisfied with the seasoning, stuff the sausage. If you don't own a sausage stuffer you can freeze the sausage in patties or in small bulk packages. I hope you enjoy this as much as four generations of our family has over the years. The Great-Grandkids think Dad's sausage is OK.

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