Savory Dumplings

Caroline Pflugrath, New Leipzig, North Dakota

Note from Joanne Hertz Townsend, Montague, Michigan:

Her dumplings, I believe, were made of the same dough. She would not fill them but boil them like the klose, remove them, then carefully pour out the water in the kettle and add fat to cover the bottom of the kettle. My impression was it was butter sometimes, and other times meat fat and bread crumbs, then gingerly place back in the kettle,  turn over lightly as the crumbs browned, then seasoned them  with salt and pepper. They were  like little clouds of "heaven."  I'm not sure if she punctured before browning or later. A person would have to experiment with it. It's been ages since I saw her make them and was a teenager at the time so have forgotten exactly how she handled the savory dumplings.

I neglected to say that her husband was held by the Russians at one time at the end of World War II. I don't remember how he managed to get away. The recipe below is one of Marie's as well.

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