Schmier Kase, Smeary Cheese

Herb Poppke, Seattle, Washington, February 1980

From the Herb Poppke Collection: Addendum, Box 5, File 17

1 cup dry cottage cheese
½ tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt (to taste?)
¼ tsp butter or margarine
1 egg
Food coloring

Mix cottage cheese, salt and soda thoroughly. Break up cheese curd well; get soda into the cheese.

A cook’s Porcelain bowl or similar is handy – or Corning Ware. Let set in warm place (100 ±? ºF ±?) 4 hours. Stir well; break-up any remaining cheese curds. Stuff should look syrupy, glassy and pasty.

Let set another 4 hours. Stir well; break-up any remaining cheese curds. Add additional soda in proportion to the amount of undissolved cottage cheese.

Repeat every 4 hours until all the cottage cheese has turned into a syrupy, pasty mess.

Heat extra special scowly; after stuff gets hot, continue heating for 30 minutes or until it gets as thick as you want it to be. Add more salt if needed. Eat hot or cold.
Butter: Can be added when heating if you like.
Egg: Can be added while heating; helps to thicken, adds yellow color, adds “eggy” taste.
Beat eggs well.
Coloring: If you like; or 1 slice of American cheese.

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