Power Soap and Bar Soap

(1) 3 quarts cold water, minus 1 cup
3/4 cup borax
1 cup chlorine bleach

(2) 1 can lye

(3) 9 cups fat, about 3 lbs., melted

(1) Mix and dissolve.

(2) Add to water mixture. Cool to
lukewarm. DO BE CAREFUL!!!

(3) Add to lye and water mixture.
Stir thoroughly.

(4) Stir frequently for 36 hours.
About once every hour.

(5) Stir occasionally until partly dry.
Use as any other powder soap.

Bar Soap

1. 5 lbs. fat (about 14 cups), melted
3 Tablespoons borax
6 quarts cold water
1 can lye

(1) Mix thoroughly, Let stand 48 hours
or longer, stirring 2 or 3 times
each day until the consistency of
cottage cheese.

(2) Melt on stove over low heat.

(3) Let cool to lukewarm, pour into box,
or molds. May stay in same pan.

(4) When solid cut into bars and store.
May be grated for use. When grated,
may be easily used in automatic wash
machine. (Use a little hot water to
dissolve soap.)

Hints: I use a granite dishpan, leaving it in the dishpan to cook, cool, and cut into bars. Use only glass, granite, or porcelain. do not use metal pans. Use a wooden spoon or stick for stirring. Fat should be rendered and strained. Used cooking grease can be used. A rancid odor in grease will not effect the quality of soap.

Information courtesy of the Heart of America Germans from Russia Heritage Center, Germans from Russia Heritage Society, Rugby, North Dakota, 2003.

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