Summer Sausage

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Summer Sausage (1)
Mix together 66 lb. of finely ground beef.
34 lb. finely ground lean pork
3 lb plus 1/2 cup salt
1 lb brown sugar
4 oz black pepper

Cut 2 fine bulbs of garlic and cover with hot water in a cup. Let stand for several hours. Add the liquid to the sausage. Mix very well. Stuff the sausage very tightly into plastic sausage bags. Have a few small ones and some medium sized ones. Tie the ends with a good strong string or twine. Let it hang in a cool place (but don't freeze it) for a day or two, then smoke it. Skip a day or two and then smoke it again. This keeps very well in a cool place. We used to leave ours hang in the smoke house all summer, but it is better to have it in a cooler place.

Summer Sausage (2)
For 25 lbs of good beef and pork
1 lb. sugar cure smoked salt
2 tsp salt peter
3 T pepper
3 T sugar

Mix thoroughly. Put in casings or sacks that have been dipped in smoke salt water.

Both recipes taken from German-Russian Pioneer Cookbook (1887-1902) (October 1975/76), Eureka, South Dakota.

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