Flavored vodka

Leonard Kopp, Portland, Oregon, e-mail message to Michael Miller.

I'd like to add my bit to the flavored vodka topic. Here's a simple recipe I got from an old German-Russian cousin of mine in North Dakota many years ago.

In his basement, he had an assortment of different flavored vodkas that was a taster's delight. I think we tasted them all! He called it "vodka wine." But, whatever you want to call it, - it is delicious.

Simply slice some fruit in a wide-mouth glass jar, add sugar to suit your taste, (or no sugar at all), and add enough vodka to cover the fruit.

Cap the jar, and set it in a cool place for a couple months or longer. Experiment with different kinds of fruit. It is a wonderful drink on a cold winter evening, - or over the rocks on a hot summer evening.

Some of our thirsty friends like to sample it when they come over to our house to play whist.

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