Summer Kitchen Facelift

Brost, Bryan. "Summer Kitchen Facelift." American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Newsletter, Winter 2005, Number 119.


In the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Newsletter Number 119 Winter 2005 page 18 is a little story called “Summer Kitchen Facelift” with a couple of pictures. It sure rang a bell with me when I realized that we have a similar summer kitchen that my dad Daniel Frederick Brost and myself built about 1991 at a British Columbia Okanagan Lake beach lot we have leased since about 1980. It is a 12 X 16 foot summer kitchen that my dad had always wanted to build when he and mom used to spend their summers there. We have a kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator, small kitchen table and a comfortable hide-a-bed. Since it was built my wife and I installed a bigger front window so we can better enjoy the outdoor view. In fact we just leave the door and the windows wide open allowing the occasional visitors who find their way in such as a humming bird or the odd wasp. We did some finishing on the interior to make it more comfortable. The cherry tree has grown tall giving us shade and we get a kick out of sitting on the roof and spitting out the pits. We have grown a small garden of fresh vegetables every summer. We have a couple of canoes on the beach and a nice fire pit for evening meals and friendly visits. On the beach is a little shelter to sit in if we have rainy weather. We have spent every summer here as our summer home which is not far from our main home and my places of work. Our children have summer memories of this place from babyhood on up with our youngest now almost age 16. We enjoy beautiful sunrises and a great view of the stars at night. It is all simple and feels so good as our little retreat which we hope to never give up.

Frieden……..Bryan Bradley Brost

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