Easter Memories in Saskatchewan

Email message from Ann Stang, Calgary, Alberta, April 2013

I have an Easter memory too, which is a little different.

My grandparents on both sides came to Saskatchewan from the village of Vollmer on the Berg side of the Volga in 1907 and 1909. I grew up on a mixed farm. We had cattle, poultry, a huge vegetable garden, etc. Naturally we churned our own butter. Every year on Holy Saturday, Mom became a sculptor. From about a pound of that butter she sculpted a lamb, lying down. Invariably, one of us would have to find a holy picture of a lamb so Mom would know how to place the legs. Then one of us (I had nine siblings) would take a metal knitting needle and a cup of hot water and make the curls on the lamb. The next day, for sure on Easter Monday, we'd start eating the lamb.

I'm curious. Did anyone else make a lamb? We also made Easter bread that rose really high in coffee cans, and a concoction of sweetened cottage cheese with peppermint flavoring and raisins. I still make the bread and keep promising myself that I'll try sculpting a lamb.

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