Bride's Dance

By Elsa Keller Michitsch, Agoura Hills, California

When we came to this country in 1952 a lot of other families came to this area from Europe, Russian German's, Hungarian German's etc. (Los Angeles, California)

For years these people stuck together. We had a German/Hungarian Catholic Church (still do), German Clubs etc. We went to quite a few wedding. There always was a bride's dance sometimes after the dancing started. The bride and groom would start dancing together, the guests would tap on the shoulder of the bride or the groom for their turn, men as well as women would dance with the bride and a donation was given by either pinning the money to the bride's dress, but mostly a volunteer would have a vessel of some sort to collect the money for the bride. While the bride was dancing so was the groom, but money was donated just once. I never saw the guests receiving a special treat of schnapps and/or wedding cake.

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