Christmas Memories

By Katherine and Mary Weisgerber, Las Vegas, Nevada, Natives of Weybum, Saskatchewan, December, 2009.

Kay and I would like to send a story about Christmas.  Christmas was always very special to us even though there were hard times.  We didn’t know anything about good times.  Whatever happened was normal to us.  When you were a big family like ours was, there were more people to share with.

Our parents still managed a lovely Christmas for us.  There was always “a gift” for everyone, whereas now a day one would feel slighted with one gift. 

We remember a lot of good baked goods:  Boska, Marrvis, Kaeskuchen, and Suker Kuchen.  Our mother was very artistic so she could create beautiful things such as a Christmas tree.  She would shape an object from mud with wheat kernels mixed into it.  The object was the shape of a cone upside down.  This was done long enough before Christmas so that after spraying the mud with water periodically, the wheat would grow enough to make the object remind us of a tree.

Another tree my mother made was a Christmas tree made from sticks, an old broom handle and green crepe paper.  My father drilled holes up and down the broom stick and anchored the stick some way to a stand.  Mother took small sticks from trees, about the size of a pencil to insert into these holes that were drilled into the broom stick.  Before inserting these sticks mother cut green crepe paper into strips, then cutting three – quarters of the way sideways into these crepe paper strips, a quarter inch apart.  Then the paper was wrapped around the small sticks to create the look of a small tree branch. 

After the tree was completed and ornaments were hung on it, we were very happy to have a Christmas tree.  Where we lived, in southern Saskatchewan, there were no wild trees to cut down for a Christmas tree.  Trees were planted around the farm home for wind breakers and landscaping.   

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