Christmas Memories

Electronic mail message from Gilbert E. Schauer, Longview, Washington

Glueckstal Church Christmas Memories, near Napoleon and  Tappen, North Dakota

I have been reading a lot of the notes of when we were children. I went to the Glueckstal Church as you know by now. What I remember most is it always seemed that the roads were blocked. So my older brothers and my Dad had to hook up a team of horses on what was the bobsled. It was five miles to church. We always had bells on the hames of the horses. I can still hear the crunching of the hoofs on the hard packed snow, the bells jingling. As we would be nearing the church, there would several other families, Langs, Mertzes, Reuers, just to name a few. These families traveled to church the same way. There was hay in the sled, we were covered up with what was called a lap robe that was made out of one of my Dad's horse hides. It was 30 and 40 below zero. I have told this story to my two girls Tauni and Terri. Their response was Dad that was living.

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