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Easter Memories

By Ida Lorraine, Wright , Bonnyville, Alberta

I was so happy to read Alfred Opp's letter about seeding the grass for Easter baskets. Other than my own family, I had not heard of anyone doing this. My sister and I still do this, one time I got wheat from an organic bakery and then I got a bunch of oats from a farmer but I have never actually used grass seed. I also always plant it too early so its gets so long it lays down. My ancestors came from Tarutino in Bessarabia. One time when I was about 5 and not knowing what selfish meant I put out a big cardboard box for Easter eggs --- to teach me a lesson I got one egg. I remember finding a path of broken eggs shells in the yard which was the Easter bunny tracks leading to the fence and then disappearing.

My mother must have saved up shells all winter to do this. For Easter Sunday church service we all had to have new clothes. I know Mother used to do special baking but I can't remember anymore what it looked like. I do remember that she made a coating of bread dough on the ham and baked it like that. That was delicious.

In regards to the mist, I can't remember my parents talking about making heating logs (?) but I do remember Mother telling me that they used to put a large container in the middle of the pile of mist and the hot temperature inside the pile would keep the water warm while they dyed wool, yarn or cloth.

So nice to hear these memories.

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