Game of "Shtraela, Maela"

Electronic mail message from Elaine Helbling Hundley, Rochester, Illinois

My mother had a game that she played with the little ones in our family. I taught it to my children and am now teaching it to grandchildren. I'll spell it in English to sound as closely as possible.

"Shtraela, maela (say while making an X on the palm of the child's hand)

Doopa finga (while poking the palm with on finger)

Ehlabocha ( poking the palm with an elbow)

Nassy soffa (pulling at the nose )

Greevahla, greevahla (scratching on the palm)

Botchy geva ."(Said loudly while gently slapping the palm).

I'm assuming this was a German Russian play as I've never heard of it anywhere else. Does anyone remember this in their family?

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