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Norka Days at Stony Plain, Alberta & Memories

Electronic mail message from Donna Stainthorp Baxmeyer, Ponoka, Alberta

My husband and I live about 90 minutes north of Calgary in a small rural town. Ponoka is about 30 miles north of Red Deer and about 60 miles south of Edmonton, the provincial capitol. I was born in Edmonton, and raised in a small town west from there, called Stony Plain. This is where my grandparents emigrated and there are hundreds of Germans descendants from Russia in this area. They have a yearly celebration in Stony Plain called "Norka Days" and some of the history they have available is fascinating. My mother, Lydia Stainthorp, is the last surviving member of our side of the Sauer clan.

One memory I have from my grandfather is that at one time he was the driver of a troika for an "Archbishop" and told me of a miracle that occurred during one of their outings. I don't know if this is true, but it sure brings a warm feeling to picture my grandfather and the helm! My grandparents were from the Christian Reformed denomination, and after settling in Stony Plain, he was one of the construction volunteers in building the original church which is still there. The family members that have passed on are buried on site in the family plot. I am so excited about this aspect, and thank you again for your information.

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