Pickling in Bessarabia

Electronic mail message from Shirley Anderson, Lodi, California

I talked with my 90 year old aunt, Caroline Heintz Rodacker, and she said that they did make pickles in Bessarabia. But they made them in earthen crocks, rather than jars.

Also, she said if you have warts on your hand, you should count the number of them, take a piece of string and tie as many knots as you had warts, dig a hole in the earth and bury the string. When the string has dissolved, the warts will be gone. Also, her mother believed the warts were caused by the new calves???

For an eye irritation, always rub your eye toward your nose. Guess that makes sense - so the tears will wash it out. For more severe eye irritations, put just one drop of whole cream in the eye.

The amazing part is that she said they all worked...

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