A Brief Family History of Mathaeus Kempf:

Prepared by Charles and Vicki (Kempf) Kurle, August, 2009

Michael Kempf was born 1780, from Waldorf / at Ebhausen, Calw Kreis, Wurttemburg. He married Dorothea Breitling, born 1794. Their children were Mathaeus (below), Jacob (born 1834), Christiana (born 1824), and Dorothea II (born 1827).

Mathaeus Kempf, born Sept. 18, 1828 in Beresina. He was married to Katherina Schlauch, born June 24, 1832 and died October 1922. They were married December 30, 1853. They arrived in Ashley, ND June 7, 1888 and lived in the Ashley / Jewell area.  Katherina is buried at the St. Johannes burial (St. Johannes Evangelical Church, Ashley). Their children were Michael (my grandfather’s dad), Jacob, Dorothea Kempf Kuest, Ottilia Kempf Nill, born Feb. 8, 1865 in Beresina and died October 19, 1949, Frederika Kempf Wolff, and Katherina Kempf Wolff, born Feb. 2, 1871 in Beresina and died Jan. 20, 1918. She married John Wolff, Sr.

Michael Kempf (son of Mathaeus and Katherina Schlauch Kempf) was born September 2, 1862 and died June 3, 1919 at age 57. He is buried at the St. Johannes burial (Emmaus Lutheran Church in the Ashley / Jewell, ND). Michael was married to Katherina Bertsch. She is the daughter of Samuel Bertsch. She was born April 4, 1866 in Beresina, Bessarabia. They were married January 7, 1888 in Kloestitz, Bessarabia, at Lutheran Pastopate. They arrived in Ashley, ND in May, 1888 and settled on a farm 12 miles east and 4 miles south of Ashley. Katherina died June 15, 1951 (age 85) and is buried in Zion Cemetery south of Ashley, ND. Their children are Gottfried born May 23, 1896, died 1985, Julius, born May 2 1898, died 1972, Otto, born April 25, 1902, died 1994, Ephriam, born Sept. 26, 1907 and died August 2, 1939, Paulina Kempf Fregien, born Jan 18, 1890, died 1963, Rosalia Kempf Schmidt, born April 10, 1905, died 2001, and Gustave Samuel, born Jan. 25, 1900, died 1969. They also had two deceased children, Michael and Martha.

Jacob Kempf (son of Mathaeus and Katherina Schlauch Kempf) was married to Ida Mertz and they had eight children – Jacob, Mathaeus, Gottlieb, John, Michael, Hannah Kempf Nagel, Carolina Kempf Thurn, and Emily Kempf Bauman.

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