Our Family History Photographs - Tuchscherer Family

Photographs courtesy of Maria Tuchscherer, Regina, Saskatchewan

Photo 1

Left to Right:
Age 52 – Josef Tuchscherer – Paul’s Father
Age 76 – Sr. Rita Duchscherer – Daughter of Franz & Anna
Age 22 – Paul Tuchscherer
Age 90 – Anna (Janer) Duchscherer – Sister of Agatha’s Father, Karl Ludwig Janer
Age 75 – Anton Tuchscherer – Father of Josef
Age 72 – Agatha (Janer) Tuchscherer – Mother of Josef, Grandparents of Paul
Age 90 – Franz Duchscherer – Uncle of Anton & Agatha, brother of Anton’s Father, Johannes
Except for Paul, all were born in Colelia, Romania.
“Tuchscherer” was changed to “Duchscherer” at immigration to Canada. Franz died at age 95. Anna at age 100 yrs. & 4 mons; in 1997. Picture taken in 1987.

Photo 2

Colelia, Dobrudscha, Romania
The cross in front of Colelia’s, built in 1934 – Roman Catholic Church
Time: After World War II, about 1950-1960
Presently, 1999, only a derelict remnant of the church remains of Colelia. All the houses are gone.

Photo 3

Colelia, Romania, about 1955
Mom & Dad’s (Agatha & Anton Tuchscherer) new home, completed just by the time of our repatriation to Germany, on Nov. 20, 1940, was located behind the church.
Building on the right edge was the priest’s rectory.

Photo 4

Coelia, Romania
A typical summer outdoor “Ofen” (oven), on which most of the baking (bread, strudel, or roasts) was done. The oven was pre-heated with straw, manure, or corn stalks.
Left, the clay bricks home-made, used to build the early homes.

Photo 5

Colelia, about 1955-1965
Lena (Ternes) Polk & Willi visited there. Right of Lena:  Victoria (Romanian), wife of Sandu. Mom went to school with Victoria. 
In front of Sandu Rusu’s home. Sandu was one of a few Romanian families living in the Germanic Catholic village of Colelia, founded in 1880.  Location: About 50 km west of the Black Sea harbor city Constansa. Lena is in white dress.  Sandu was physically punished by the German SS for stealing A harness from “Drescher Hannes” in 1940.

Photo 6

Colelia, Dobrudscha, Romania about 1929
Left – Mama, Agatha Janer, age about 14, and her cousin Berta Janer (right), daughter of Melchior Janer, in the vineyard of Agatha’s mother, Senfarosa (Ternes) Janer.

Photo 7

Agatha Janer, age 14, 1929; Constansa, Romania
(She started to work as a maid at age 13, for The Gosti Family in Constansa).

Photo 8

Agatha (Janer) Tuchscherer – age 29, Poland 1944
Dad (Anton Tuchscherer) was in the German Army (Wehrmacht) in the German Occupation Force and was stationed in Norway, city, “Chistiansand”, near Oslo.

Photo 9

Constansa, Romania, Black Sea harbor
Agatha Janer, age 14; Martha Janer, age 13
Agatha was maid, her first job, for the Romanian family “Gosti”. Mrs. Gosti was of Lutheran German origin and professionally a Home Economics teacher.

Photo 10

Our parents, Agatha (Janer) & Anton Tuchscherer; summer - 1943 in the Leslau, Poland area.  Dad was on leave as German soldier after being drafted in Feb. 1943.

Photo 11

Poland, 1943
Mom’s only brother, Jakob Janer. He died as a German soldier in the Russian front.

Photo 12

Anton & Agatha Tuchscherer’s house in Poland (Netztal, near Leslau) 1943.
Maria was born here on Dec. 21, 1943.

Photo 13

Dad’ mother: Rosalia (Politzki) Tuchscherer; in Colelia, 50 km west of Constansa, Romania, Provinz of Dobrudscha; about 1935.  
Her husband, Johannes was taken to Romanian army & fell as a soldier in World War I.

Photo 14

Rome, Italy about 1950; Sister Octavia (Oitilia Janer – daughter of Melchior Janer)
She was born in Colelia, Romania, 1917. Died at age 81, Dec. 1998.

Photo 15

Schweinfurt, Germany; grave of Dad’s mother, Rosalia (Politzki) Tuchscherer.
She died on July 20, 1942, the day of Colelia families resettlement to Poland.

Photo 16

Dec. 1994; Colelia in about 1950; photo taken by Hannes Färder (Halbruder Zu Toni Hoffart)

Photo 17

Anton Tuchscherer, Romanian soldier, 1934".

Mr. Matt Frederick, PO Beinfait, Sask. - 1934
eyes blue; fair hair; K. green uniform

Photo 18

1941 in Lager, Lülsfeld, Germany
Left to right – Agatha (Janer), Josef, Anton Tuchscherer
Dressed in Colelia fashion. Note Dad’s “Schefte Stiwle”, high boots. Mom’s brother Jakob used to make such boots.

Photo 19

Left to Right:  Leslau, Poland Oct. 3, 1944; Agatha (Janer) Tuchscherer, her mother -Senfarosa (Ternes) Janer, Regina (Lauber) Ternes. Her husband, Felix, was Senfarosa’s brother. We, as children, addressed her as “Blessel Rechi”.

Photo 20

St. Ludwig, Seminary for missionaries, bei Schwainfurt.  Umsiedlungs – Lager für about 50% der, Colelier, Nov. 1940 to July 20, 1942.

Photo 21

Volkach/Unter Franken
Abschied bei der Umsiedlung Von Deuschland Nach Polen Lager Litzmannstadt.
20 July 1942; Dobrudscha von Lager, St. Ludwig bei Schweinfurt.

Photo 22

Umsiedlungs – Lager für si 50% der Colelia (Dobrudscha, Romania).
Familien, von der Aussiedlung aus Colelia am 20 Nov 1940 bis zur Ansiedlung auf polnischen Bauern Höfe im Warthegau bis zur Flucht am 18 Januar 1945, 1942.

Photo 23

From top, second from right: “Grosse Victoria” (wife of Romanian Colelier, Sandu) Second row: second from left: Kathi Ternes, and fourth from left: Ottilie Janer, Father: Vetter Melchior. Third row, 6th from left: Emanuel Ternes (Parents:  Felix & “Bessel Rechi”) and second from right: Josef Tuchscherer, age 5, Colelia school (I was in Kindergarten, 1940).

Photo 24

This photo was from Fr. Riffel, Sask., (deceased in the 1990’s). It is unidentified. But probably some villagers in Romania (Karamurat?), 1930’s (?).

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