Family and Personal Histories

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Ackermann, Andrew Family

Baltzer, Jake

Bauer Family

Bertsch, Karl and Christina

Bitz, Sebastian Families

Buchholz Family Lehr, North Dakota

Braxmeier Family

Ellwein, Johann and Maria

Frison, Bishop Alexander

Hauser (Heauser) Family

Hermann Family

Hochstatter and Huether Family

Huber Family

  • Juhnke, Frieda Huber. "From Russia to Dakota." Prairies 8, no. 6: December/January 1984/1985, 34-40, 42-43. [PDF]

Ibach, Maria (Heinz) Family

Janzen, Peter Paul Family

Just Family

Kempf Family

Knell, Victor (Collection)

Koenig, Johannes

Kranzler, Elizabeth (Liebig)

Krueger, Bertha

Langer, William

McCoy, N.E. and Lilian, Jamestown, North Dakota

  • "Real McCoy(s)." Prairies 7, no. 1: November 1983, 10-15, [PDF]

Mosset Family

  • Zachmeier, Teresa Mosset. "Misht." 1980.

Neuharth, Daniel J.

Opp Family

Oster Family

Pfeiffer, Theresa

  • Pfeiffer, Ann Marie. "94 Years Young." Prairies 8, no. 7: February 1985, 8-10.

Renner and Gustin Families

Ricker, Theophil and Frieda

Rott, Joseph Family

Schlager, Georg

Schumacher, Christ

Schmaltz, John

Schwan, Anton

Schwartz Family

Schweikert, Karl

Stumpp, Dr. Karl

Ternes, Kathryn (Ehli)

Tuchscherer, Anton Family

Tuchscherer, Karl Ludwig Family

Vetter, Hummel, Mautz, and Heck

Vetter, Joseph and Veronica

Wacker, Karl

Weispfenning, Edna

Werlinger, Antone and Agnes Lacher

Werth, Bishop Joseph

Wildermuth, Herman and Lydia (Haller) Family

Woeszner Family

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