Translation of Johannes Koenig Passport

Translated from Russian to English by Donald Koenig, Glen Burnie, Maryland

The Koenig family, with origins in Mössingen/Tübingen, Württemberg, was one of the founding families of Alexanderhilf/Odessa in 1804/05. They prospered there and by the early 1860s Johannes’ parents moved their family on to the daughter colony of Rosenfeld /Odessa. While Johannes was primarily a farmer he traveled internationally in the local region working as a buyer of specialty woods for his brother Heinrich, who had become owner of a carriage and wagon factory in Odessa. In the 1880s the family realized they had several sons growing up that would be subject to call-up into the military, so the Rosenfeld branch of the family decided to emigrate and come to America. So, 32 members of the Koenig family were on the 3 October 1889 voyage of the Augusta Victoria from Hamburg to New York. Along with Johannes, his wife and children were his parents and the families of three of his brothers. They started out in Hutchinson County, SD, but within a few years had split up with brother Friedrich’s family going to Clackamas County, OR; Jakob’s to Sheridan County, ND; Wilhelm’s with his parents to McIntosh County, ND; and Johannes’ to McLean County, ND.

Page 1

24 pages         (Double-headed Eagle Emblem of the Russian Empire)     No. 6423



Signature of the Bearer (This in Russian, German and French):      König

Pages 2, 3

The bearer of this passport, settler Johannes (son of) Johannes Koenig along with his wife Karolina and children: Johannes, Jakob, Karl, Elisabetha, Katharina, Karolina, Barbara, Margaretha and Amalia, is going abroad.

In witness of this and for unrestricted passage he is given this passport with official stamps affixed. In Odessa September 1, 1889.

Odessa Governor
Rear Admiral (signature)

(Odessa Governor’s Stamp)

Office Chief (signature)

Page 15

Rubber stamp notes

For departure abroad

(A departure stamp that is mainly unreadable but has the date 14 Sept. 1889)

For return from abroad

Page 19

Written on the side vertical to the remainder of the page:  This form is to be completed by the issuers of the passport.


Issued by the Odessa Governor

September 1, 1889 under No. 6423 to settler Johannes Koenig along with his wife Karolina and children: Johannes, Jakob, Karl, Elisabetha, Katharina, Karolina, Barbara, Margaretha, and Amalia.

Rubber stamp notes.
For departure abroad | For return from abroad
(Departure stamp dated 14 Sept. 1889) |  

This coupon is to be removed at the border customs station as evidence that the passport was presented.


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