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Joseph Renner Chronology

In April 1893, the following left Karlsruhe, Bereban District South Russia to Bremen, Germany where they boarded the ship, S S Lahn:

  • Mathias Renner & Elizabeth (Anton) Renner (1865-1951) and sons Ambrose (1886-1971), Nicodemus (1890-1981), Karl (Charles) (1892-1918)
  • Anna Maria (Renner) and George Yantzer and daughters Mariana (1/8/1889 - ?) & Rosa (8/14/1892 - ?)
  • Joseph Renner
  • A hired girl (Angeline Kopp – 11 years old)

They arrived in New York Harbor on May 3, 1893 and proceeded to Ft. Rice, ND by May 20, 1893.

George & Anna Maria Yantzer applied for a homestead on Sept 9, 1893 in the St Vincent, North Dakota area where they moved to on February 20, 1894.

Mathias & Elizabeth Renner and sons and Joseph Renner remained in Ft Rice, ND until May 1894 when they relocated to St. Anthony, ND. Joseph homesteaded with Mathias’ family until 1896 when he built a 1 room log (cottonwood) cabin on his own homestead. On Nov 8 1898, Joseph married Margaret Forster. There they had John (Sep 29, 1899). In 1900, Joseph built a 2 room quarried stone house (still standing) where they had Ralph (Mar 2, 1901), George (Jan 16, 1903). Frank (Oct 10, 1904) and Anton (Sep 20, 1906). In 1909, Joseph and Margaret moved to St Anthony where he operated a pool hall and had Emelia (Aug 14, 1913). In 1915, they moved back to the farm where Pauline (Nov 13, 1915), Rose (Oct 29, 1917) and Albert (Aug 31, 1919) were born.

Joseph served in the North Dakota legislature from 1927-1929 and they moved to Mandan, ND the fall of 1939. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Nov 8, 1948 with Margaret passing away May 4, 1949 and Joseph followed on Sep 17, 1949.

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