Letter #1

February 28, 1910 Abt.

Dear Brother and Sister-in-law; Joseph and Margaretha and children,

We greet you and let you know that thank God we are in good health with our family and we wish you the same.

Your letter of Jan. 11 we received and see that you are all in good health that made us happy.

We had a mild winter and not much snow, but lots of mud so that the horses developed sore feet. Winter is over and we are ready to start in the field, the seed wheat cleaned. It could be a few days because it’s raining today.

You wrote I should come to America, but I would have to give up farming for a year, but that I cannot do. But you quit farming, you could come to us, it takes two to three months. But I hope if I live that long, I want to see American, for now it’s impossible. Ludwig went to his mother-in-laws place, and Valentine is too young to take care of the farming, and the hired hands are so lazy it’s impossible to say how lazy they are!

Gregor Bechlor’s daughter Elizabeth, we don’t know if she goes to North Dakota or to Canada, her aim is Canada, she leaves in March.

We have feed shortage and people go Katherinental to buy feed, here there is none to be had. Also greetings to Elizabeth and her children good luck and God’s blessings until death, Amen.

Best wishes and good health
Your Brother Michael and Mariann Renner

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