Letter #10

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Moskau, the 9th of September 1934

Dear Uncle Josef, along with all your family and relations!

On the 6th of June, after a long silence, I sent you once again a letter, in which I asked you for a little financial help, since I am an invalid and things are going bitterly bad for me. Three months have now elapsed already, and I have not as yet received a reply to my letter. This fact leads me to think that perhaps you are sick and unable to write. I, therefore, now turn to my dear aunt, whose name I, unfortunately, don’t know, or to my cousins, your children, who surely still know enough German to write a little letter. Please, dear Aunt, and you my cousins, write me and tell me whether your father is still alive and healthy. Even if you cannot help me in my need, that surely ought not to be cause for you not to answer my letter. Should you write to me, I ask you to let me know the names of all family members. Furthermore, I would like also occasionally to send a letter to my godmother, Aunt Elizabeth, even though I know neither her address nor whether she is still alive or not. Of her children, I know by name only Ambrosius, and I don’t know whether he is still among the living. It is, indeed, not to be wondered that I receive no letter from you, since, after all, we are hardly acquainted with one another and live very far apart. I have, as a matter of fact, throughout the whole summer, not received so much as one letter from any of my brothers or sisters, and this notwithstanding the fact that they live right here in Russia. There is, to be sure, a big difference between your way of life and ours. You live as you wish and as things go, while we live as it is demanded of us.

I plead for forgiveness for having written these few lines with a lead pencil. However, the paper here is so bad that one can do little with ink.

In closing, I greet heartily you and all my relatives in America. I ask you once again to answer me real soon. My wife and children, too, send you all hearty greetings.

These greetings, with love and respect

Joh. Renner

My address is: Moskau, 75, 1 Ostankinskaya, 18/9, Qu. 24
Johann Renner
In Russian……
P.S. Please write soon, how you live.
In Russian: Nord Amerika
Envelope: Nord Amerika
Mr. Joseph Renner
Sweet Briar N – Dakota

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