Letter #11

Original Letter [PDF]

The 18th of March 1935

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Dear Uncle Joseph,

Above all, I want to express to you my most heartfelt thanks for the letters you sent to me through my brother Stefan. I am grateful to you. May God reward you for what you did for my poor children with your assist.

Dear Uncle, I have already written 4 letters to Stefan Sturm, but have, after 4 months, as yet received no answer and that is ---I myself should with him --- God --- should find---- for I am in cares --- in -------- that man has done good for us. That I cannot --- joy ----. May the good Lord let it be to his advantage, and may Mina --- that I cannot repay him for that, for -------. Dear Uncle, I -­- not --- with my. I myself am a born Jochim von … . Josef ---I married his nephew Ludwig Renner in 1910. I have two children from him, Josef and Micha. My husband, Ludwig, died in 1915 in the war. Then I was a young widow with two small children, Josef 3 and Michael 10 ---.

In the year 1922 I married Jakob Martin. Then our situation was really and truly miserable, and we endured much. Jakob died in 1930 in a foreign land, and I am now a widow with 6 children. 3 I have adopted [??], two I have from Ludwig, and two boys from Jakob. One of Ludwigs sons died on me. He was 18 years old. Thus have I described also my sad life --- that is ---yes, both Uncles. I trust I can call you such. I ask you once again to write to me about Stefan Sturm, if you know something about him. My mother, Marianne Renner, is still living. My father, Michael Renner, died already, in 1918. Mother still has four living children.--- Andreas and Katarina are both so poor, bled dry, so that their mother cannot help them so that we all together must help. Me -----even with a ----ask you yet again, if possible, to send me ----, for I am concerned about him. --- --- still many times.

Greet your family from us most heartily,
R ---with children Martin and Renner.

My address:
City (gorod) Nikolaev
Strasse (uliza) Navarinskaya Nr.32
Martin Rose Mo—pho--.

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