Letter #12

Original Letter [PDF]

Written the 30th of June 1935

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Esteemed friends and uncle Josepf Renner with family. We greet you heartily and let you know that I, Valentin Renner, the son of your brother Michael, with my family are still in good health. I have 6 children, three sons and three daughters. The oldest son is now 17 years old and the smallest little daughter is 6 months old. In addition, I want to write you how things are going with us. We live very poor and have to suffer much want. We do not have a home of our own; live in an alien quarter, for the house we were living in was sold from under us. We have already for the third year almost never bread in the house, but this is not because of laziness or not working. I cannot find work. Wages are low and we have constantly to endure great want. All the children go barefoot, and none of us have the basic clothes to enjoy a change of clothes. It is a sad and miserable life. I now live in Sulz, have also our 71-year-old mother with me. She is always sick and must also endure great need, for there is for the most part nothing to eat in the house. We suffer much hunger. That our dear father, Michael, has died, worthy Uncle Josepf, you most likely know already. He died in the year 1918 of a heart attack. O Lord, let him rest in peace! And since that time, we have had little of good, always misery and need.

Worthy and dear Uncle Josepf, we have an urgent request to make to you. Perhaps you might be able to help us out of this great need. We would never forget it, if you were to help us. If things are difficult with you also, then we would request that perhaps all our friends in America together might be able to lend some help. Make known to them our need. Our dear old mother, too, beseeches you. Perhaps you can make known to your brother there in America something of her need. May Christian Hoffman and Dimotejus Hoffman, as well as her sister Helena, all be so kind as not to deny her her request, for we are wholly unable to describe for you the conditions in which we live and that there is no betterment to be expected.

In conclusion, we greet you all heartily and wish you all the best from

Valentin and Franziska
with the Renner family

Russia Ukraine
Renner Valentin M.

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