Letter #3

November 1910

Dear Brother,

It’s a long time since I wrote to you. So I’ll let you know about our health, which is good. We had a good year, the crop was very good, but the prices are not the best. Wheat 1 R a bushel, Barley 53, Corn 60 so it’s really not too bad. Feed we have plenty; the livestock is still in the pasture which is still green. It’s raining steady for two months. The winter wheat is nice, a little weak for it’s still cold. We had no frost yet.

I wanted to sell my land and had buyers; they wanted to pay 250 for an acre. But they have too little money, only 120 for the acre and for the rest I should wait three years. To that I didn’t agree, so it’s still for sale. I thought I could sell, but it didn’t work out that way.

The way I hear, you live in town now. But what are you doing or from what are you living. I am interested about your income, or if you have a good income.

I am sending our paper, Look Around, that almost every German reads. The People’s Friend, I don’t like that we don’t know anything American, and by the time the paper gets here, it’s all old news. And now we greet warmly and wish everything good.

Your Brother,

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