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Letter #6

Karlsruhe; July 7, 1928

Dear Brother-in-law, brother-in-law George, sister-in-law Elizabeth and families,

First a nice heartfelt greeting. I and my children thank God are still healthy.

Dear friends, I haven’t burdened you until now and asked for help. But now bad luck has befallen us for we had a total crop failure and death and hunger is before us if we get no help from abroad. Dear friends, be so good and help me. We have received nothing from our crop, it all burned up because it didn’t rain all summer. The livestock is worthless, for a cow or horse we get three or four bushels flour.

Dear Joseph, I beg you have at least Mass said for our dead parents, as we are not able to do it, maybe they will be in need of it.

With a kiss,greetings and love,
Your sister-in-law
Marianne Renner

Above letter was written to Joseph Renner, George Yantzer (husband of Anna Marie Renner), and Elizabeth Renner (wife of Mathis Renner) in North Dakota from Marianne Renner, wife of Michael Renner, in Russia. Marianne (Hoffman) Renner was a sister to Ludwig Hoffman, father of Zacheus Hoffman.

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