Letter #7

Schonfeld; September 2, 1928

Dear Aunt Elizabeth,

I would have wrote a while back but didn’t have your address, but then I got the idea to send with Uncle Joseph. Mother begged me to write again and again but it was always the address, now be so good and send us your address. It seems funny that we have such close relatives and never saw them. I wish I could be so lucky and come and see you, my wish could be fulfilled by you and Uncle Joseph. I am sure you have it much better than I. If you both help to get me to U.S.A., I wouldn’t know I could thank you enough. I don’t want that for nothing slowly I would pay you. Greet your families for me.

Theobald Renner and family

I was born in 1896, my wife Elizabeth (Wetsch) born in 1897, my son Emil born in 1923, daughter Lilie born in 1927, and daughter Ottilia Wetsch born in 1906.

Note: Letter written to Elizabeth Renner, wife of Mathias Renner in North Dakota

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