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Letter #8

Schonfeld September 21, 1928

Dear Uncle and Aunt,

I wrote to you in March, so that you be so good and write if it is possible to get by in America, if one gets there with nothing, and if it’s possible to send me a paid trip to the U.S.A. And up to now, I have no answer; most likely my letter got lost. If at all possible, I want to go to America. Please send me a passport and free passage. When it’s possible to get through, I would pay you back.

The harvest is poor. The winter wheat froze out, so the field had to be plowed over, and the spring wheat turned to nothing. About three bushel per acre. This fall it looks bad again. The government will give us seed on credit, but our country is dammed because it will not rain, so the farmers have not the will to sow any more. They gave up hope. I heard that the trips to the U.S.A. are cancelled, so it’s not possible to get there, so I beg you to help me to get to Canada, for that is America too.  How is your crop?

My brothers and sisters are still on the old place. My mother is by my sister in Dobraje. The poor woman has aged a lot by moving from one to another. Heartful greetings from me and family.

Theobald Renner
(Son of Gregor)
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