Arrival From Glueckstal

"Arrival From Glueckstal." Eureka Post, 1911.

Glueckstal 2 April 1911 Worthy Post: Honestly I have nothing to report from our Glueckstal, as on the 22nd of March the following families left for the beloved America (South Dakota): Johann Flemmer (Kiess) Karl Flemmer, Friedrich Lessle, Philipp Stotz, Philipp Bieber, Christian Dutt, Jakob Opp, Friedrich Opp, Johann Unruh, Gottlieb Voegle, jr., and Karl Retzer, jr. On 29 March Jacob Ressler, the elder, and his son-in-law, Peter Rossler, pursued the above named families, wanting also to go to American with their friends.

For the Flemmer families it was very difficult to tear away, as the son remains here totally alone, although his great desire was to leave with his parents, brothers and sisters, only his wife was not willing to do so. Thus, he said farewell to his father, mother, and all his brothers and sisters, although he had disposed of and sold almost his entire property. He must then repurchase all, through which he has considerable costs. His parents-in-law Werre are here and are responsible for this.

Another time more from Johann Melling
Hosmer, South Dakota 30 April 1911 Worthy Editor: ... We want now all to know that the Russians from Glueckstal have now arrived. They are: Johan Flemmer and family, Friedrich Lesle and family, John Unruh and family, Philipp Stotz and family, Gottlieb Vogele and wife, Christian Dutt and wife, Jakob Opp and wife, Philipp Bieber and wife, Friedrich Opp and wife, David Stradinger, single, Jakob Mueller, single, Karl Resser with with family, Karl Flemmer with family.

These all traveled through (the efforts of) the Missler group and their journey went well, for they were here in 18 days. They were on the ocean only seven days. All went well, only the Jew in Russia needed a few hundred. He was the agent for the Missler group. ... They thank the Missler group for a good ocean journey. The family of Ph. Stotz was increased in St. Paul by a person, and they must stay there one day. They are however now here also.

With farm greetings,

Andreas Schauer

Mike Rempfer and the Germans from Russia Heritage Society sent this information to Glueckstal Colonies Research Association and courtesy of GCRA.

Translation by Margaret Aman Freeman, Redondo Beach, California

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