My Father, Reinhold Schneider, in first row third from left: fourth from left Gotfried Schneider

Why the Practice of the Beresina Brass Band Had to be Canceled

Translation from German to English by Dr. Elvire Necker-Eberhardt, edited by Dwayne Janke

Article appeared originally with German text written by Reinhold Schneider in the Jahrbuch der Deutschen aus Bessarabien: Heimatkalender 2005, Pages 118-119.

In the 1930s, Gottfried Schneider (father of Dr. Hugo Schneider, author of the book, Der Herbstwind trocknet die Tränen: Roman) was sexton and teacher of religion in Beresina. He played in the brass band and also was vice conductor. One time when the band was supposed to practice, he had to take over conducting, since the regular conductor Christian Becker was sick. That evening the players noticed that Gottfried Schneider was in a happy mood. Before he started practicing he wanted to tell them the reason for his cheerfulness: "Can you imagine how I was addressed today?" Everybody listened expectantly. "This morning I had religion in my first class of seven year olds. I tried to explain the Bible to the children. Among other things I said to them: ' The Lord is your shepherd and you all are his little sheep. ' Then a little seven year old gets up and says to me: 'Then you, teacher, must be God's old ram! ' I had to turn on my heels and leave immediately otherwise I would have burst out laughing. I remained a few minutes outside to collect myself before I could continue teaching."

My father, Reinhold Schneider, who played in the brass band, told me later that they could practice only with much delay. The onset of the band practice went totally amiss. The following practice music pieces had a lot of wrong tones from different instruments, the worst coming from the bass instrumentalists. So, in spite of good intentions, the practice hour had to be cancelled and postponed to another evening.


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