Dedication of the new gild cross at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Odessa, Ukraine, 6 June 2009

Photographs by Rev. Claus-Jürgen Roepke, Munich, Germany

Electronic email message from Rev. Claus-Jürgen Roepke of 17 June 2009:

On Saturday, the 6th of June, 2009, we held an event of great significance in Odessa.  Originally, there was a big stone cross on the top of the main tower. Now we have had a new gilt cross cast which is two meters high and can be illuminated at night.  The ceremony of raising the cross into place on the top of the tower was a sensational event for virtually the whole city.  First, we held a service inside, in which we rejoiced and gave thanks to the Lord.  After the service, the cross was blessed and consecrated outside in front of the tower.  Then, a large crane was used to hoist up the cross.  While this was happening, the trumpets from the music school played Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. Passers-by stopped to watch, and the Odessa television stations turned out in force to film the event.

This was the first step on the way to finish this great project to the honor of God.

God bless you!
With kind regards,


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