St. Paul's... As Seen Through the Eyes of a Traveler on a "Journey to the Homeland" Trip

by Fran Cooper

Fran Attended Sunday Worship Service on MAY 18, 2013

The Service was all in the Russian or German language?
The Service was in Russian and German. We received Holy Communion.

It was an awesome experience to think St Paul’s Lutheran Church has been in Russia since 1824 and that it survived through fire, wars, communism, and persecution. God is truly in this place and God’s Word will continue on.

Fran Visited in 2005
St. Paul's Church (undated). Courtesy of the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland.
A burned out shell. (Source Unknown).


Fran Visited in 2013
New Altar Area: Christ on the cross and Peter and Paul on the middle left.
The new interior, June 2013.


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