Rev. Francis Lauinger

"Rev. Francis Lauinger." Emmons County Record, June 1948.

Rev. Francis C. Lauinger, pastor of St. Michael’s Church, Emmons County, will celebrate the Silver Jubilee of his priesthood on June 30 by a Solemn High Mass in St. Michael’s Church. The Bishop will be present on the occasion and administer the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Father Lauinger was born on April 18, 1897, at Strasburg in South Russia. At the age of five, he first came to America with his parents, who homesteaded in McIntosh County. The family moved to Strasburg in 1908. His preliminary studies for the priesthood were made at the Benedictine Abbey in Richardton. He then spent three years in St. Paul Seminary and completed the last three years of his Theological Studies at Kenrick Seminary, St. Louis. He was ordained by Bishop Wehrle to the priesthood at Strasburg on April 3, 1923.

Father Lauinger’s first assignment was an assistant to Father Wagner at Kenmare. After six months, he was appointed pastor of Powers Lake. He was assigned pastor of St. Michael’s Parish, Emmons County, in November, 1925.

During the 23 years he has spent at St. Michael’s, Father Lauinger has endeared himself to the people of his parish.

He has at all times shown interest in their material well being. Under his direction and through the labor of his own hands, both St. Michael’s Church and St. Joseph’s Church, the mission which he attends, have been beautified and many improvements have been made in the rectory. Were it not for the bad roads, St. Michael’s Church would be one of the most beautiful places to visit in Emmons County.

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