The list of households, Village of Rosenthal,
Crimea region, 1941.

This list has been compiled based on the recollections of fellow villagers:

Alexey Ivanovich Sautner, Germany
Lidija Georgievna Kun (Krug), 1912 1990
Ludvina Antonovna Riss (Fux), 1905 1994
Sofija Josephovna Gerner (Riss), Germany
Joseph Josephovich Stifel, Germany
Ivan Gotlibovich Mayer, Germany
Anna Fridrikhovna Levchenko (Lang), Crimea

19 families marked by * are relatives of the author of this list.

I compiled this list between 1989 and 1995. I am a native of Rosenthal and since the deportation (08.17.41) have visited there three times. Due to the length of time that has elapsed since the deportation, the accuracy of the list cannot be guaranteed.

The majority of Rosenthal residents were relocated to the northern regions of Kazakhstan. It is my hope that those still alive will assist in filling in the
missing names.

Sincerely, G. Riss (Kosolapova)

1. Iosif Franzevich and Egor Iosifovich Oster.

2* Bernhard Bernhardovich and Anton Bernhardovich Shneider; brothers; were poor; in 1937 sentenced to 10 years of forced labor in Arhangelsk region; released in 1947; both had five children; Anton's children - Alexander (village of Beloi), Peter (Nizhnii Tagil), Ivan, Iosif, Katerina (emigrated to Germany); Bernhard's children - Berhard, Peter, Maria (Beloi), Joseph (emigrated to Germany), Lidia (Tumen); Bernhard worked on a farm after his release and died in 1983.

3. Valentin (Faltin) Iosifovich Riss, died in Crimea, the children in Northern Kazakhstan.

4. Ivan Franzevich Riss and Peter Bukhman, both died in Crimea.

5. Peter Dik and Nikodemus Petrovich Dik; Peter was arrested and deported in 1932.

6. Iohaness and Gottleib Kun (two families), Northern Kazakhstan.

7. Simon and Jakob Kelsh (two families), Northern Kazakhstan.

8. Ivan Franzevich Oster, Northern Kazakhstan, died.

9. Simon Semenovich Bosch, Northern Kazakhstan.

10. Franz Mokh and Philipp Krug. Both his son was arrested in 1937.

11* Jozeph Jozephovich Gerner, his sons, Jozeph and Anton, were arrested in 1938 and executed; Alexandr exiled to Northern Kazakhstan.

12* Joseph Moch, had five sons: Vendelin, Alexander, Yakov, Yohann, Egidiy, - all arrested in 1937.

13* Egidiy Sautner, had 10 children, evacuated to Siberia. The elders died, children moved to Germany.

14* Alexei Ivanovich Sautner. Lived in Dzhambul region, later moved to Germany.

15.Alexander Iosiphovich Shneider, died in Norhtern Kazakhstan; his son Joseph moved to Germany.

16.Alexander and Michael German (two families), Northern Kazakhstan.

17. Ioseph Petrovich Antony.

18. Philipp Krug, arrested in 1935 as a church member; his family was evacuated.

19. Peter Reinhold, Siberia.

20. Philipp Rukhaber, died in Crimea; his children in Northern Kazakhstan.
21. Georgiy, Maria and Philimina Faut; arrested in the 30s.

22. Egidiy Antony, exiled to Ural in the 30s.

23. Ekidy Bosh had six children, all are in Germany.

24. Ivan Josephovich Kelsh, arrested in 1938.

25. Vendle Kelsh, exiled to Ural.

26. Anton, Nikadim and Nikita Riss, Kazakhstan? - three brothers died in the labor camp.

27. Anton Antonovich Riss, Kazakhstan?

28. Franz and Adelia Kress, Kazakhstan?

29. Pius Kress, Kazakhstan?

30. Georgiy Krug, Kazakhstan?

31. Ivan and Simon Valz (two families). Ivan arrested in 1937. His wife lives in Kazakhstan.

32. Peter, Ivan and Brigitta Antony. Brigitta died in Kazakhstan.

33* Anton Antonovich Mokh and Simon Antonovich Mokh. In Kirgizia. Gotlib Rainbold, died in Crimea,

34. Franz Molh and Philipp Krug. Both arrested for associations with some church.

35. Ivan, Nikita and Anton Phaut. Arrested in 1938.

36. George, Simon and Christian Zonnenshild, arrested and exiled in 1938. George and Simon executed.

37. Ivan (Ignat) Shmidt, emigrated to Germany.

38. Fridrikh Kelsh and his son Peter.

39* Anton Gregorievich Fix (1877 1942). Exiled to Karaganda.

40. Villibald Rainlander, Kazakhstan.

41. Peter and Iohannes Eisenbraun, Kazakhstan.

42. Iosif, Rafael and Nikita Rainbold, Kazakhstan.

43. Valentin Iosiphovich Gerner, his son Nikita, (wife Kress Atilia) exilied to Ural.

44. Ignat, Anton, Peter and Joseph Shumakher, Kazakhstan.

45. Joseph Moser, Kazakhstan.

46. Alexander Shneider, exiled to Ural.

47. Anton Josephovich Lang.

48* Joseph Petrovich and Peter Antony, Kazakhstan.

49. Rainhold and Simon Bader, Kazakhstan.


51* Joseph Yakovlevich Riss {1858- 1932), died in Crimea (my father's father).

52. Vendelin, Ivan and Anton Kelsh. Anton arrested in 1937.

53. Ivan Kelsh, arrested in 1937.

54. Nikita Antony, Kazakhstan.

55. Peter Folman, Kazakhstan.

56. Teodor and Pius Filman, Kasakhstan.

57. Gotlib Antonovich Mayer (died in Crimea), his son Ivan Gotlibovich (1908) lived in Dzhambyl region, emigrated to Germany.

58. Franz Josephovich Kelsh, exiled to Siberia.

59* Georg Krug, exiled to Ural.

60. Simon and Franz Dik, evacuated.

61. Christian, Fridrich and Christina Schmidt. Kazakhstan.

62. Jakob Krug, exiled to Cheljabinsk.

63. Sautner Egor and Peter Sautner, evacuated.

64. Joseph Martynovich Risling, exiled.

65. Gotlib Eizenbraun, exiled to Siberia.

66* Ekaterina Josephovna Riss (Folman), arrested for associations ith some church, died in Crimea. (my aunt).

67. Joseph Lang.

68* Jakob Josephovich Riss (1902- 1953), my father, evacuated to emerovo region, Siberia. From 1939 till 1941 he was the chairman of kolkhoz.

69* Joseph Josephovich Riss (1904- 991), my uncle, was evacuated to Northern Kazakhstan and died.

70* Karolina Jozephovna Riss (Lang eo), my aunt,was evacuated to Northern Kazakhstan, died in 70's.

71. Jokab Dombrovsky.

72. Joseph Kelsh, arrested in 1937.

73. Alexey Bosch, arrested in 1937.

74. Anton Vendelinovich Kelsch, arrested in 1937.

75. Joseph Stifel and Ivan Mayer, Kazakhstan, later - Germany.

76. Alexandr Kress, arrested in 1938.


78. Joseph Bukhmiller.

79. Christian Bayrit, died in Northern Kazakhstan.

80. Joseph Dombrovsky, his son Nikadim, his brother Semen.

81. Peter Eisenbraun.

82. Kasimir Lang.

83. Georg Minikh.

84. Vendelin Eisenbraun, arrested in 1937. His wife died in 1980 in Northern Kazakhstan.

85. Lorenz Gross.

86. Peter Bukhman.

87* Andrey Gotlibovich Kuhn was in labor camp, died in Northern Kazakhstan in 1940.

88. Ivan Riss.

89. Vendelin Mokh, exiled to Siberia.

90. Michael Gerner; his daughter Berta was arrested.

91. Alexandr Lang.

92* Leo Lang.

93. Ivan Kress.

94* Anna Fridrikhovna Levchenko (Lang), lived almost all her life in v. Rosenthal.

95. Egidiy Rainbold.

96. Erezer.

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