Schwartz Family History

Compiled by Ernie Sackman

Andrew Schwartz died November 11, 1948. Andrew Schwartz was born November 11 and baptized November 12, 1867, in Beresina; was confirmed in Kulm in 1882; and was united in marriage with Elizabetha nee Keller of Jacobstal on January 7, 1893, in Kloestitz. To this marriage was born four children:

Elizabetha Schwartz was born on August 21, and baptized on August 29, 1899, in Beresina. She died on June 19, 1979. (Ernie Sackman’s mother).

Edith Schwartz was born on February 14, 1901, in Ruff, Washington. She died on October 11, 1935.

Mary Schwartz was born on June 18, 1902, in Ruff.

Anna Schwartz was born on December 11, 1904 in Ruff. Anna died on June 15, 1971.

Elizabeth (Keller) Schwartz died December, 1904, or January, 1905, of complications from Anna’s birth. She is buried at Schultz Cemetery in Ruff.

Andrew Schwartz and his family left Russia on November 13, 1900 aboard the steam ship Kaiser Whillam. The agent’s name was F. Mitzler. They arrived in New York on November 23, 1900. On February 22, 1901, they took up a homestead in Ruff, Washington. It was finalized and approved February 19, 1906. Also on February 19, 1906, Andrew was welcomed into, and became a citizen of, the United States of America.

When Andrew’s wife died shortly after giving birth to Anna, Andrew had four girls to raise-all of them were 5 years old or less.

Rudolph Zundel, who lived just down the road, had a sister still in Russia whose husband had died and left her with three children ages 5-10 years old. Her name was Katherine Mauch. Although Andrew didn’t know her in Russia, she agreed to come to the U.S. and marry him if she could get passage for her and her children. Andrew saved enough to get Katherine and her family to Ruff in the summer of 1906.

Katherine Mauch’s children were (they all took the Schwartz name):

Dave Schwartz was born in Romania on January 14, 1895. He died on September 20, 1961.

John Schwartz was born in Romania on May 3, 1898. He died on December 13, 1973.

Laura Schwartz was born in Romania on January 3, 1900.

Family Farm in Ruff, Washington
Front Row Right to Left: Olga, Andrew, Fred, Bill and Anna (my mother). Anna and Olga are Schwartzes, Bill and Fred are Schwartzes from the second marriage between Andrew and Katherine (Mauch).

John Mauch is driving the car; He is from Katherine’s previous marriage.

Mary Schwartz from Andrew and Elizabetha is sitting beside John.

Katherine (nee Mauch) is in back with Elizabeth Schwartz, oldest daughter of Andrew and Elizabetha (Keller).



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