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Selz, Kutschurgan District, South Russia, 1897 Document

Provided by Marvin J. Glass, Jr, El Dorado, California

1897 Document [PDF]

I came across an old document from my great-aunt and thought you may find it of interest. I have not seen anything like this on any Germans from Russia site. It has been in the family since 1909 and survived the trip to America the same year. I had a Ukrainian friend of mine translate. He only was unsure of some of the hand-written portions that the priest filled out. It is a testimony that my grandfather’s older brother (Bernhard) had been baptized in December 1897 on the day of his birth, and we believe the church was Selz. My great-grandfather Nikolaus and great-grandmother Gertrude were both born (1868 and 1870, respectively) and lived in Baden until they came to America in 1909 and  settled near Linton, Emmons County, North Dakota. We believe Nikolaus to be the great-grandson of Michael Glass, one of the founders of Elsass and the first schoolmaster (although I have some more research to prove it).

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