Senger Family Photos

Barbara (Schumacher) and Michael Senger are pictured in their younger days.
The Senger sod house was in excellent shape and still in use when this picture was taken many years ago. The house was occupied until the late 1940s. As recently as the 1970s, it was in livable condition.
Irvin Senger surveys his ancestors' sod home. Built in 1886, this sod house was featured on a recent Prairie Public Television documentary, "Children of the Prairie, Children of the Steppe."
Sod bricks are exposed in this view of the Senger home.
The siding has come off the back side of the Senger House, and it shows the holes where wooden pegs were driven. Wood strips were nailed to the ends of the pegs, and wood siding was attached to the strips.
As was common with German-Russian sod homes on the prairie, the Senger barn was attached to one end of the house. Above, the barn is in ruins.
Pictured above are Anton and Marian (Eisenzimmer) Senger.
F.C. "Clem" Rohrich checks out a window in the sod house. The photo shows the thickness of the sod wall.

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