St Paul's Lutheran Church
Odessa, Ukraine


(Courtesy of the Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland)

Purpose of the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church web pages

The purpose of the web pages is to build a picture of the historical German community in Odessa, Ukraine centered round the church from its beginnings in 1827 up to its closure under Stalin, by inviting contributions in a variety of formats from anyone worldwide who has connections to, or information about, this historical church and its community.


These web pages are dedicated to all those who were connected with St. Paul's Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Odessa, Ukraine in the early twentieth century and who, as the result of political upheaval or oppression, endured great hardship, or whose lives were cut short.

Personal Invitation

Do you have information, photos, stories, letters, records or other documents relating to the St. Paul’s community?  We invite you to contribute them to this website. Please contact Michael Miller at


Special thanks to the following people whose generous contributions have greatly enhanced these web pages: to Bishop Uland Spahlinger, for checking the pages; Mr. Peter Opiolka, for donating his time and expertise to edit the German translation; Mr. Detlev von Bienenstamm and Mr. Konrad Mittelsteiner, for contributing significant material and sharing their knowledge of the historical St. Paul’s; and Mr. Mats Andersson, for photos of St. Paul’s buildings as they look today.

Web pages prepared by Ella Melik

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