Welk Spurns Fads, Enjoys ‘His’ Day

If someone has gone along for much of his life building, so to speak, a pretty good mousetraps, it’s always pleasant to note the moment when the world begins beating a path to his door.
Lawrence Welk-
Music Discovered

Take the case of Lawrence Welk, a calm, thoughtful, 52-year-old accordion playing bandleader who has been “discovered” by million of television viewers. The popularity rise of his Saturday evening ABC hour of “champagne music” is phenomenal.

Welk’s show premiered last July and scored a 7.1 Nielsen rating. By January of this year it had a 30.4 Nielsen rating to lead all networks in its time period.

A native of Strasburg, N.D., Welk has played the same type of smooth music since the middle 1930s. Ignoring the swing, rock-and-roll and be-bop dance crazes, he’s having his day now.

His orchestra made its inaugural broadcast over Radio-WNAX at Yankton, S.D. Later it played under such names as “The Hotsy Totsy Boys,” and “The Biggest Little Band in America.”

The champagne type of music began to take form after Welk added an organ and another piano to the orchestra and began a tour of the country.

Left to Right- Klein, Little, Ramsey, Floren

Since 1951 his orchestra has been playing at the Aragon ballroom in Ocean Park, Calif. It is the longest consecutive dance-band engagement in ballroom history.

Several members of Welk’s band are natives of the mid-west.

Tiny Little, Jr., is from Worthington, Minn.; Curt Ramsey, Grand Meadow, Minn.; Myron Floren, Webster, S.D. and Johnny Klein, Strasburg, N.D. Four other Welk musicians are Iowa-born.

Welk is married to the former Fern Renner, a Yankton nurse. They have three children-Shirley, 23; Donna Lee, 18, and Lawrence Jr., 15. The Welks will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday.

For relaxation Welk plays golf, tends the garden of his home near Los Angeles and reads philosophical and historical literature.

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