Oral History

Matilda Schlenker

The Oral History Section includes fascinating life stories, such as Matilda Schlenker Dockter's story (Streeter, ND). She was 105 on July 31, 2000. Born in the village of Klöstitz, Bessarabia, on July 31, 1895, Matilda died on March 29, 2001. Matilda was seven years old when she immigrated to the United States with her family. She remembers the 21-day journey across the Atlantic Ocean, and arriving at Ellis Island, New York.
The Dakota Memories Oral History Project (DMOHP) preserves the history and heritage of second- and third-generation Germans from Russia. Since its 2005 inception, the project has focused on childhood memories and family relationships. In short, it chronicles what it was like growing up German-Russian on the Northern Plains. Visit our website - Dakota Memories Oral History Project.

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