Oral History Interview Form

Sister Mary Bernardine (Elizabeth) Bickler
1. Today's date: April 13, 1996
2. Your name: Sister Mary Bernardine (Elizabeth) Bickler
3. Present address: Available upon request to Michael Miller
4. Phone number with area code: Available upon request to Michael Miller
5. Date of birth including month, day and year: October 11, 1913
6. Place of birth: Orrin, North Dakota
7. Father's name: Lewis M. Bickler
8. Father's date of birth (including month, day and year) and place of birth: September 29, 1892 - Colätts, Bessarabia, Russia
9. Mother's name and maiden name: Kathryn Thomas
10. Your occupation: Nursing
11. Father's occupation: Farmer
12. Mother's occupation: Housewife

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