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Matilda Schlenker Dockter, born on July 31, 1895 at Klöstitz, Bessarabia

Dewald, Sandi "Mathilda Schlenker Dockter, born on July 31, 1895 at Klöstitz, Bessarabia." Streeter, North Dakota.

Sandi Dewald is the niece of Matilda Schlenker Dockter.

Matilda, words alone can't express our love today.
We've come as family and friends to say.
Happy one hundred and fifth birthday.
May God's loving grave adorn you always.

God gives us blessings every minute, day and year.
He is always loving, understanding, patient, kind and dear.
Each of us is blessed, whether we are far and near.
Through you, God's shown his love and grace, with him who shall we fear?

In Russia on July 31, 1895, you entered lifes' quest.
throughout the 1900s life was often a real test.
And now 2000 - 3 centuries you have blest.
God chose you as a wonderful example of life at it's best.

In 1903 you came to America - to a child, what a long trip.
Finally arriving in New York City, after 21 days on a ship.
Freedom at last would be followed by citizenship.
The new way of life would move at a faster clip.

Homesteading had to be a scary thought.
For all you had - is that you brought.
The help of neighbors and friends would have to be sought.
For prairie fires, sickness and droughts, were fights that had to be fought.

You married August M. Dockter in the year of 1915.
This life brought new challenges; although the years would be lean.
You had to milk the cows, feed the chickens and raise kids in between.
Besides, washing, baking and gardening and keeping the house clean.

First Eddie, Arthur, Adam, then Vi, Harold, Ruth, and Howard too.
Years flew by and your family grew.
The children would scatter and with your health you knew.
Farming could no longer be the life style for you.

You moved to Streeter in the year of 1953.
In 1954 August was called home for with the Lord he'd be.
God has his reasons which are hard for us to see.
But He's ever present to this we must agree.

Through the years you've stayed friends with the old and young.
You're a special lady Matilda, full of fun.
Praising the Lord for each setting sun.
You're a true legend, a Special Someone.

So - at 105 Mahtilda, you've accomplished a lot.
You've graced 3 centuries, always giving all you got.
Blooming like a rose, in life's garden plot.
Happy Birthday, Matilda, we love you a lot.

Reprinted with permission of Sandi Dewald.

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