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Grandma Dockter's 105th Birthday Celebration

Fischer, Ruth Dockter. "Grandma Dockter's 105th Birthday Celebration." Streeter, North Dakota, 31 July 2000.

Ruth Dockter Fischer is the daughter of Matilda Dockter Schlenker. She wrote this for Matilda's 105th birthday on July 31, 2000

The text was read by Deb Schott, Alfred, North Dakota, a niece.

Being a good mother is truly an art. Someone who takes time to think of other's needs; someone that warms so many hearts, with gentle words and thoughtful deeds.

Someone who is so glad to give, share and care, thinking nothing is so greatly treasured than the joys a family shares.

A mother's recipe for happiness is: Take a dash of laughter and blessing from above. Mix it with some tenderness, then add a little love. Add the warmest feelings, some laughter and some fun. Can be used again and again because a mothers happy recipe is never overdone.

Of course, you know we think of you with love the whole year through, but still we are always happy for a chance to say we do.

So here's a loving greeting just for you, because it's plain to see.

You are all the nice and special things a mother and grandmother ought to be.

Happy 105th Birthday Grandma!

Reprinted with permission of Ruth Dockter Fischer.

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