In Memory of Grandma Matilda Schlenker Dockter

Walker, Thomas "Loss." Bismarck, North Dakota.

Thomas Walker is the son of Sam and Joyce Wieland Walker, a 2001 graduate of Century High School, Bismarck, ND

When I first met you I was a young boy
Who still saw the world with innocence and joy.

You were a lady, years beyond me
With a lifetime of learning and little left to see.

You were all alone; you had nothing to do,
So I went right up and sat down next to you.

I called you my grandma and gave you the love
That all little children from heaven above
Can give without thought to a person they meet
Be they relative, parent or person off the street.

If I surprised you I may never know,
But I still remember that warm, motherly glow
That sprang into your eyes on that first time
I came up to you without reason or rhyme.

I will always remember that day with joy
When you became a grandmother to that young boy.

Every time after that we had a chance to meet
You would save for me beside you a seat.

We would talk to each other and anyone could see
That we truly enjoyed each others company.

We made an odd pair, the old and the young,
(But how could one care when we were having fun?)
Talking and laughing at something we shared
About which no one else that we knew cared.

Those were the days that I think about
When the world seems bent on making me shout.

Then I grew older and wiser in years,
and despite the worst of most peoples fears,
I continued to write you and tell you of things
That the years had taught and experience brings.

Then one day I learned that there would be no more
of the letters that I had so enjoyed before.

I lost you that day, but in a way I did not,
For I will remember the love that you taught.

And though on this globe I lost a dear friend,
I know that in God's house I will see you again.

So until that time on that unknown day,
In my heart my grandmother and friend you will stay.

Reprinted with permission of Thomas Walker.

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