Oral History Interview Form

Alvina Ebel

1. Today's date: September 21, 1994
2. Your name (include maiden name if married): Alvina (Deutscher) Ebel
3. Present address: Available upon request to Michael Miller
4. Phone number with area code: Available upon request to Michael Miller
5. Date of birth including month, day and year: August 30, 1895
6. Place of birth: Worms, Russia
7. Father's name: Peter Deutscher
8. Mother's name and maiden name: Hannah Weikum
9. Other information you feel is important: I had 10 children: Walter, Edward, Emil, Art, Harry, Oscar, Edna (Mrs. Gideon Schauer), Martha (Mrs. Gattfried DeWald), Violet (Mrs. Allen Jocham), and Arlenel

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