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Magdelena (Maggie Eszlinger) Zimmerman Eisenbeis

Family Photographs


The Solomon Eszlinger Family in 1939 (Parents of Maggie (Eszlinger) Zimmerman
Back row: Edwin Eszinger, John Eslinger, Jacob Eszlinger, Fred Eszlinger, Sam Eszlinger, and William Eszlinger
Middle row: Carrie (Eszlinger) Zimmerman, Rose (Eszlinger) Betch, Maggie (Eszlinger) Zimmerman, Lydia (Eszlinger) Retzer, and Pauline (Eszlinger) Gohl
Front row: Emma (Eszlinger) Speidel, Soloman Eszlinger, Karalina (Salzer) Eszlinger, and Eugfenna )Eszlinger) Gehring.


Back row: Robert Zimmerman and Delmar Zimmerman
Front row: Maggie (Eszlinger) Zimmerman, Gail Zimmerman & Reuben Zimmerman
Maggie and Reuben Zimmerman’s 25th wedding anniversary in 1957.
Maggie’s three sons and their wives.
Back row: Gail, Delmar, and Bob Zimmerman
Front row: Cheryl (Okerlund) Zimmerman, Deloris (Boschee) Zimmerman and Verna (Roesler) Zimmerman
Maggie and her second husband, George Eisenbeis.
Robert and Zue Zan Hanna, Ben and Mark, Moorhead, MN
Bob and Verna Zimmerman of Wishek, North Dakota.
Maggie (Eszlinger) Zimmerman Eisenbeis in 1993.
Maggie and Reuben Zimmerman in 1960.

Maggie’s son Delmar and Family
Back row: Ian Zimmerman, Deloris and Delmar Zimmerman and Rachel Zimmerman.
Front row: Sam and Delitte (Zimmerman) Lemon, Sania (Brietting) and Delore Zimmerman

Robert and Zue Zan Hanna, Ben and Mark, Moorhead, MN
Zimmerman Cousins in 1996 (Maggie’s Grandchildren)
Front row: Wendy Mcgawn, Zue Zan Hanna, Delitte Lemon
Back row: Chris, Dustin, and Delore Zimmerman



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