Oral History Interview Form

Eva Schatz

1. Today's date: December 22, 1992
2. Your name: Eva Schatz
3. Present address: Available upon request to Michael Miller
4. Phone number with area code: Available upon request to Michael Miller
5. Date of birth including month, day and year: October 3, 1905
6. Place of birth: 13 miles South and 2 miles West of Napoleon, North Dakota, in Logan County
7. Father's name: Mathias Gross
8. Father's date of birth (including month, day and year) and place of birth: August 23, 1870 - South Russia, Mannheim
9. Mother's name and maiden name: Barbara Schweitzer
10. Mother's date of birth (including month, day and year) and place of birth: December 7, 1877 - Barbara was born in the Dorf of Straßburg located Northwest of city Odessa, South Russia
11. Other information you feel is important: [My father] He served 5 years in the Russian Army under Kaiser Nickoli. He left Russia December 17, 1896. Barbara came to Emmons County with her parents John and Christina Schweitzer. When they came to America she was 17 years of age. They came in October 1893. On November 6, 1898 he married Barbara Schwitzer.

I grew up on my parent's home and farm. When I was young, we played balls in the evening after work. My brother and I went to the creek and caught crabs, which we would take home and cook in salt water. They were good to eat. The water was 1 foot deep there and the crabs were all around. The creek was ¾ of a mile from home.

In June we went to the Shell Butt hill. It was a big hill, 1 mile from home. We picked June berries there. They get ripe in June so we picked a few gallons on the middle of that hill. On the west side there were still Indian houses. Little houses where Indians used to live before. We also set traps for catching golfers. We lived on that farm and in a sod house with an outhouse until I was 11 years old.

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