Oral History Interview Form

Elizabeth Mastel Fischer

1. Today's date: December 26, 1993
2. Your name: Elizabeth Mastel Fischer
3. Present address: Available upon request to Michael Miller
4. Phone number with area code: Available upon request to Michael Miller
5. Date of birth including month, day and year: May 13, 1899
6. Place of birth: Rural Strasburg, North Dakota
7. Father's name: Kasimer Mastel
8. Father's date of birth (including month, day and year) and place of birth: I don't remember. Kasmir's parents were born in the Elsass - Lorraine France, which is now a part of Germany. Kasmir was born in South Russia, Strasburg, 1855
9. Mother's name and maiden name: Elizabeth Nenninger
10. Mother's date of birth (including month, day and year) and place of birth: January 10, 1858 - Strasburg, South Russia
11. Name of village in South Russia or Bessarabia of your father's ancestors: Strasburg, South Russia
12. Name of village in South Russia or Bessarabia of your mother's ancestors: Strasburg, South Russia
13. Your occupation: Housewife - mother of 9
14. Father's occupation: Farmer, Russian Soldier
15. Mother's occupation: Farmer's wife
16. Other information you feel is important: Kasmir Mastel's parents were born in the Elsass, Loraine region of France. Life was very hard and many were lured to Russia because Queen Katherine promised them land to homestead along the Volga River. She wanted people to settle there to shield her from Mongol or Tartors enemies. She conscripted men into the army immediately.

The Mastels settled in the Kutschurgan district in the colony named Strassburg. The land was wooded, so they cleared it for gardens and orchards. And the 6 colonies of the K. district survived very well. The father of each household was master and everyone abided by his decision. But they were happy and prospered until the revolution of 1920. The Kassnir family had six children born in South Russia. In April 1892, they sailed for America. On the trip Katherine was born. Johann and Elizabeth were born in Emmons County, USA.

This is all pretty sketchy, but to my knowledge accurate - Sincerely, Alvina Fischer Welch Daughter of Elizabeth Master Fischer

More information on this family can be obtained from Mrs. Elliazbeth Holzer or Valentine and Helen Mastel (Linton).

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