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Sister Reinhardt Hecker

1. Today's date: September 22, 1997
2. Your name: Sister Reinhardt Hecker
3. Previous address: Available upon request to Michael Miller
4. Place of birth: München [Beresan Enclave, South Russia] Ukraine
5. Father's name: Leonard Hecker
6. Father's date of birth (including month, day and year) and place of birth: June 15, 1873 - Died September 27, 1954
7. Mother's name and maiden name: Mary Eva Scherger
8. Mother's date of birth (including month, day and year) and place of birth: Born May 15, 1879 - Died March 11, 1970
9. Name of village in South Russia or Bessarabia of your father's ancestors: Mhnchen [Beresan Enclave]
10. Name of village in South Russia or Bessarabia of your mother's ancestors:
11. Your occupation: Member of the Benedictine Order of Annunciation Priory, Bismarck, ND, Catholic Nun
12. Father's occupation: Farmer
13. Mother's occupation: Housewife
14. Other information you feel is important: September 21, 1997
Wilhelmina Sister Reinhardt born March 14, 1901 died January 27, 1994
John Hecker - born March 10, 1903, died July 5, 1987
Elizabeth Hecker - born Nov. 9, 1904, died May 13, 1994 George Hecker - born March 6, 1908, living
Leonard Hecker - born Feb. 6, 1910, living
Margaret Hecker - born Aug. 25, 1913, living
(The above were born in Russia)
Ralph Hecker - born Feb. 5, 1917, living
Robert Hecker - born Feb. 24, 1923, died June 28, 1985
Ralph and Robert were born on a farm near Belfield, ND.
To my knowledge information what Sister Reinhardt quoted is correct.
We grew up north of Belfield, ND on a farm. I left when I was 20 years old, joined my sister Elizabeth in San francisco. I have 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 5 great-grand children and live with my son, Richard, in Missoula, MT.
Sister Reinhardt Hecker celebrated her Diamond Jubilee June 13, 1983.
Thank you for waiting. Sorry I have no further information for you, as I am 13 years younger than Sister Reinhardt. I was the baby when we left Russia. Sister said, "they almost lost me" as mother was nursing me and she was very ill. The nurses gave me sugar water, as I was starving.
Glory be I am 84 years old now and healthy. Thank God.
By Margaret Houldson
I am enclosing a few photos, please return them to me.
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