Photos for Helmuth H. Huber Interview

Reformed Church was built in Balzer, Volga Region, Russia between 1849 to 1851. This was the third church built in Balzer. It was built with brick handmade by Russian women and then stuccod and white washed inside and outside. The steeple was removed in 1941 or 1942 and use by the Russians as a theatre and club house for Russian soldiers. Helmuth Huber's father, Henry Huber, was confirmed in this church.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Huber with son, Helmuth standing, and son, Eugene, seated on father's lap.
Helmuth Huber's grandfather, Johannes Huber and grandmother, Maria Weitzel Huber. Pictured are: (l-r) - Amalia Mai, Jacob Mai (John Huber), brother of Henry Huber, Jacob Mai (child), Maria Weitzel Huber, Mrs. Johannes Huber, and Molly Mai (child). Photo taken in 1914 in the German village of Balzer, Volga Region, Russia.


1892, Russian passport of Konrad Huber, at Menno, South Dakota, Born November 14, 1869; sponsor for Henry Huber; Konrad born in Balzor, Volga Region, Russia.


Russian passport of Henry Heinrich Huber, Saratov, Volga, 1913; born May 1, 1896 at Balzer, Volga Region, Russia.


Inspection card for "Dominion" ship for travel from Liverpool, England, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , July 9, 1913; arrival July 20, 1913.

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